Sunday, August 01, 2004

Who's the Smarter, More Articulate Candidate for President?

Hint: It's not John Kerry. From an interview by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday (thanks to Althouse):
WALLACE: also said that you won't play politics with the Constitution. Implication: this President has played politics...

KERRY: Correct.

WALLACE: ... with the Constitution. Isn't that what John Edwards calls the negative politics of the past?

KERRY: No, those are comparisons of choices about the values that we bring to politics. You know, you hear a lot of talk about values in America. I think that the choices that you make in your policies reflect your values, and the things that you try to champion. John and I want health care for all Americans. That's a value. John and I believe that you shouldn't talk about no child left behind and then not fund the education system so that no child is left behind. That's a value. Under our plan, we're going to fund education, we're going to respect educators, teachers, we're going to bring our schools up in a positive and affirmative way. They're choosing to do one thing, and we have an affirmative choice. Obviously, we have to talk about the comparative choices. That's not name-calling. That's not petty and small. We have a big idea of health care for all Americans. We have a big idea for young people to afford to be able to go to college, where tuitions are going up. We have a big idea for restoring America's reputation in the world and fighting a more effective war on terror. To compare how we will fight the war on terror is the center of this campaign and that's what Americans want to know.
What on earth does any of that have to do with the Consitution? And what on earth does it mean? Perhaps Kerry is really the "Manchurian Candidate", instructed by his brainwashers to lull all of us to sleep with psychobabble.