Tuesday, August 31, 2004

How's That for Credibility?

John O'Neill, a key member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, recently gave a revealing interview to the L.A. Times. A key paragraph says this about O'Neill:
He portrayed himself as a political independent — a Reagan Democrat, he said, if he had to have a label. Although he typically supports GOP candidates, he says, he voted for Democrat Al Gore in 2000. And although the "Swifties" have agreed to focus on Kerry and not to discuss President Bush, O'Neill made it clear he is no great fan of the president, whom he has described to several friends as an "empty suit."
O'Neill may not represent all the SwiftVets -- or even a small fraction of them -- on that score, but it makes his anti-Kerry passion all the more convincing. The Vets, as a group, seem genuinely motivated by their justifiable hatred of Kerry's perfidy and lack of moral character. Karl Rove couldn't have invented them if he'd tried.

(Thanks to One Hand Clapping and Michelle Malkin for the tip.)