Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Offensive Language

The Washington Times reports:
Jew can distribute fliers on campus

By Joyce Howard Price

The University of New Orleans has settled a yearlong First Amendment lawsuit by allowing a Messianic Jew to distribute pamphlets on campus that contain the words: "Jews should believe in Jesus."

The lawsuit was filed last summer on behalf of Michelle Beadle, a missionary with a group that seeks Jewish converts to Christianity, after she was told by a university official that she could not hand out the pamphlets because of their "offensive" language....

In a telephone interview yesterday, [Miss Beadle's attorney] said the university's decision to reject Miss Beadle's request was "flawed." Pointing out that the university is a public institution, he said, "It is not the government's job to decide what is offensive ... the speech in that pamphlet is protected, and its content cannot be censored by a government entity. The First Amendment protects individuals against government intrusion."...
That was a close call, but don't worry, McCain-Feingold will be expanded to prohibit offensive political speech. Things like, BUSH LIED!!! KERRY FLIP-FLOPS!!! Might hurt someone's feelings, you know.