Thursday, August 19, 2004

Double Trouble

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters writes amusingly about "Ted Kennedy -- A Danger In The Air?". Along the way he quotes an Agence France-Press report:
At a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, the Massachusetts Democratic senator described having endured weeks of inconvenience after his name ended up on a watch list barring persons deemed to pose a threat to civil aviation or national security from air travel.
Captain Ed also reports this:
TSA confirmed that two incidents occurred where Kennedy had been denied access to board flights, and that only the intervention of higher management had allowed him to travel as planned. TSA insists that the problem was a confusion between the Senator and a real watch-list suspect with a similar name. Kennedy used the experience to challenge DHS Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson and assert that homeland security policies make life too tough on the average citizen.
Ted Kennedy an average citizen? Come on!

Anyway, Paul at Wizbang! has it right when he says that "Kennedy should be on the no-drive list."

So, Teddy's a double-threat man: danger in the air and on the road.

I wouldn't want to be on the same boat with him, either.

Professor Bainbridge adds: "Well, I suspect he's killed more people than most folks on that list." Z-i-i-n-g!!!