Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Face of America

I'm reminded of something unpleasant in my past by this post at The American Thinker:
PC discrimination in the U.K.

Like the United States, Great Britain is in the throes of multiculturalism and political correctness. The latest evidence comes from racial discrimination complaints filed by London police. Half of them have been filed by Caucasian officers, alleging they are being unfairly passed over, as the police rushes to make itself "look like" the population it serves.

In order to achieve the desired racialist outcome, it is contended that 80% of the new hires will have to be non-white. That sort of nonsense is what happens when population demographics change rapidly, and it is assumed that all institutions should automatically reflect the new racial profile.
I once worked for a CEO who was a blatant Democrat; he carried his political prejudices in his briefcase. He insisted that the workforce at our tax-funded think-tank should reflect "the face of America." No amount of logic could persuade him that we owed it to taxpayers to fill jobs with the best available candidates rather than satisfy his pseudo-egalitarian urges. (I say pseudo-egalitarian because upon becoming CEO one of his first acts was to double the already ample size of the CEO's office.) In particular, no amount of logic could persuade him that unless we drastically reduced the quality of our professional staff (traditionally freighted with Ph.D.s), we would never achieve anything resembling "the face of America" among the professionals upon whom our reputation depended. We had these conversations with predictable regularity, and they always ended in a stalemate.

Luckily, our think-tank was merely in the business of producing analysis of doubtful usefulness and influence. Police forces and armies, on the other hand, have real work to do. It's scary when that work is undermined by political correctness.

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