Tuesday, August 17, 2004

What Will They Worry About Next?

Oddly enough, those who view global warming as a man-made problem (if it is a problem) also tend to exclaim "We're running out of oil" (nuclear power isn't an option for them, of course). See how easy it is to be a knee-jerk liberal doom-sayer: Just keep repeating contradictory things.

I'm sorry to spoil their self-inflicted misery, but -- as rational people have been saying all along -- there's always science and technology. And sure enough:
'Cool' fuel cells could revolutionize Earth's energy resources
UH researchers developing efficient, practical power source alternatives

HOUSTON, July 22, 2004 — As temperatures soar this summer, so do electric bills. Researchers at the University of Houston are striving toward decreasing those costs with the next revolution in power generation.

Imagine a power source so small, yet so efficient, that it could make cumbersome power plants virtually obsolete while lowering your electric bill. A breakthrough in thin film solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) is currently being refined in labs at the University of Houston, making that dream a reality....
Steven den Beste at USS Clueless, who seems to be a competent engineer, says "yes, I have seen the articles about 'thin film fuel cells'. No, it doesn't change anything fundamental. It's a new energy conversion technology, not a new energy source." That's not my point. First, whatever it is, it appears to use fuel more efficiently, which is good. Second, the development of SOFCs highlights the continuous -- and often unreported -- scientific and technological progress that will surely continue to make life better, as has for the past 200 years.

For a more complete picture of SOFCs and other new ways to generate energy see this post by FuturePundit.

And there's more from The Ergosphere, who takes den Beste to task for his doom and gloom attitude. The facts seem to be on The Ergosphere's side.