Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's Make-or-Break for Democrats characterizes the GOP's situation as "make or break":
Make or break in Manhattan
Aug 27th 2004
From The Economist Global Agenda

The “Grand Old Party” will make its case for re-electing George Bush at a convention in New York next week. The tone will be inclusive, but Mr Bush’s proposals for a second term could look like a continuation of his polarising first four years....
So, it's "make or break"? I guess the vaunted Economist can't afford to subscribe to polls or doesn't know how to call them up on the web.

As for those "polarising first four years" (I love those English spellings): Do you mean the four years that began with honked-off Democrats crying about the election that Gore almost stole? Democrats only got more honked-off as Bush finessed them on taxes, the war in Iraq, and (most recently) campaign-finance reform. If this be polarization, let's have four more years of it.