Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Nicely Observed

DJ Drummond at PoliPundit.com says:
...Pick any Left-leaning blog, and what you’ll find is a strict two-level code; Liberals must be praised, and Conservatives damned. While some Right-leaning blogs are also guilty of this, in the main Conservatives prefer to use facts, and are respectful of dissent, even when it is unreasonable....
That jibes with my experience. In the months before the election I regularly visited several of the most popular left-wing blogs (e.g., Eschaton and Daily Kos). They were filled with vile, foul-mouthed expressions of hatred for GWB. Their supporting "facts" -- when they pretended to have any -- were on a par with Dan Rather's forgeries.

Yes, conservative and libertarian blogs carried (and still carry) a lot of sniping at the Left (not to mention some righteous gloating). But conservative and libertarian blogs do rely mainly on facts and logic to make their points. Moreover, conservative and libertarian blogs -- quite in keeping with the generally forward-looking and optimistic nature of today's conservatives and libertarians -- have moved on to new subjects, while the Left remains mired in its hatred of Bush and those who elected him.