Saturday, November 20, 2004

John Kerry: Ingrate

In spite of Osama bin Laden's ringing, last-minute endorsement, "Kerry blames bin Laden for defeat." The Washington Times story continues:
Sen. John Kerry believes the videotape of Osama bin Laden that appeared days before the Nov. 2 election cost him the presidency, Fox News reported yesterday.

The Massachusetts Democrat told Fox News the tape first aired by Arab television network Al Jazeera may have scared the American electorate.

Mr. Kerry said the tape was released too late for his camp to rebut and the Democratic campaign couldn't counteract it in time for the election.
Yeah, the tape scared the American electorate all right. It's pretty scary when our main enemy quotes Michael Moore -- the darling of the Democrat convention. That was enough to scare a lot more Republicans into the voting booth.

So what was Kerry going to rebut, the bit where bin Laden said he would attack only the Red States? I guess Kerry could have offered to substitute New York for Texas, but then he would have lost New York without gaining Texas. I mean, those Red-Staters just piled up the Bush votes when they heard about that threat from bin Laden. Come to think of it, I imagine those Blue-Staters piled up the Kerry votes when they heard about the threat.

So much for nasty, post-election gloating. I'll stop now (maybe).