Friday, November 19, 2004

Flooding the Moral Low Ground

A few posts ago I observed that "pro-abortion extremists have captured the moral low ground in the battle over abortion rights," after opining that "animals are more important than human fetuses" to the Left. But the Left's moral decay is evident in other ways.

The Left caricatures black Republicans -- that is blacks who choose not align themselves unthinkingly with the party of liberal condescension -- as something like "Aunt Jemimas" and "Uncle Toms".

The Left views non-Western cultures as incapable of embracing democracy. Yet, the Left is incapable of accepting a democratic outcome in the United States, preferring instead to think of the majority as religious fanatics, cretins, and "Hitlers".

The Left would abandon the Middle East to Osama bin Laden and other terrorist thugs, all the while complaining about the high price of oil. One wonders where the Left will stand when we face down (or take down) Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

The Left claims to "support the troops" but shows it by spitting on them, just as it shows its true disdain for democracy by its thuggish behavior at political events.

The affluent Left (that is, much of it) shows its arrogance toward "inferiors" by opposing school vouchers and the privatization of Social Security, because the "masses" must be told how to mange their own affairs.

The Left profits from free-market capitalism -- then spends some of the profits to promote "enlightened" government regulation of those same markets.

The list could go on and on. But the moral bankruptcy of the Left has become so evident -- outside the media, academia, and other Leftish circles -- that it's only a matter of time before the political tide turns against the Left -- and rolls over it.