Friday, November 19, 2004

As I Was Saying


Ryan Sager, writing at Tech Central Station says, "Libertarians need to get serious about foreign policy." Sager goes on to say:
Libertarianism, in and of itself, does not in any way limit its adherents to a minimalist approach to foreign policy -- i.e. using the least amount of force possible to respond only to the most imminent of threats.
Check out Sager's piece. While you're at it, take at look at something I wrote, in the same vein, back in June.

UPDATE (11/19/04):
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UPDATE (11/25/04):
Maxwell Borders ( Jujitsui Generis), responding to a critique by Justin Logan of Sager's piece, says:
...The burden of proof is not on Ryan Sager to show why he thinks one nation is justified in invading another. The burden of proof is on Justin Logan to show why any nation should not do what it perceives to be in its interests....