Monday, November 22, 2004


Donald Sensing (One Hand Clapping) has been writing about what may become a trend in Europe, namely, demanding that Muslim immigrants assimilate or leave:
Just a few days after prominent, conservative Dutch politician Geert Wilders demanded that Muslim immigrants either assimilate into the mainstream of Dutch culture and politics or leave the country, one of Europe's leading liberal leaders echoed his words.
[Germany's] Chancellor Gerhard Schröder called on Muslims to better integrate themselves into German society and warned over what he called a "conflict of cultures."
The same article covers a 20,000-strong march in Cologne today, "to protest against the use of violence in the name of Islam." Significantly, the march originated from both a mosque and a cathedral. The marchers "converged in the middle of the city for the event organized by the Islamic-Turkish Union with the slogan 'Hand in Hand for Peace and Against Terror.'" As Glenn Reynolds said, "It's a start," hopefully toward an interfaith alliance against religious terrorism. The Muslim marchers, though, were almost exclusively Turks who hail from the most democratic and liberalized societies in the Islamic world.
There is something to be said for assimilation in America, and not just among Muslims.