Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scratch Another One

I haven't found much of interest at QandO lately. Now Jon Henke wades in with this:
The Right likes to cast its leaders in the role of Churchill in 1938 - a visionary, warning the world of a gathering threat on the horizon. The US invaded Iraq because of an uncertain risk that we thought it important to guard against, spending thousands of US lives, tens/hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, and around a trillion dollars so far.

Well, climate change - to some extent or another - is a far more certain threat to the world than was Iraq, and Gore is genuinely playing the role of Churchill to warn the public of the risk.
That's worse than boring; it's dead wrong. "Global warming" is a natural, short-run phenomenon, not a "threat" about which we can or should do anything -- unlike the possibility of an oil-rich Middle East under the thumb of Islamofascists.

A boring and wrong-headed blog: lethally trivial and not even worth a glance at the RSS feed.

Bye, bye, QandO.