Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mark Steyn... always on target. Today he writes:

When the family dies, the nation follows: We’ve all seen heartwarming Hollywood movies about plucky waitress moms struggling to do the best for their kids against the odds. But that’s the point: It’s against the odds. In Britain, a quarter of all children are being raised by single parents – which is to say a lot of them aren’t being raised at all, which is why many a quaint old English market town transforms after dusk into a desolate dystopia preyed on by packs of feral 14-year olds. And, as always, it’s easier to fall into the hole than to climb out. The Scottish journalist Andrew Neil recently pointed out that, in Glasgow, government spending now accounts for 70% of GDP, and in the poorest part of the city life is nasty, brutish and as short as in the Third World. Male life expectancy in North Korea: 60 years; Bangladesh: 58; Yemen: 57; Gabon: 55; Calton, Scotland: 54 years. Middle-aged Torontonians live with their parents but middle-aged Glaswegians live with their ancestors.

This is what you might call trickle-down morality: In the space of 40 years, the middle-class abolished “living in sin” and embraced “long-term partners”, and the working class stopped worrying about “broken homes” and accepted the sociological designation of “alternative families”. And reversing it will take a lot more than targeted tax breaks and entitlements: It’s the stupidity, economists.

Tell me again why we should further hasten the breakdown of society by legitimating* illegitimacy, quick-and-easy divorce, homosexual "marriage," and involuntary euthanasia.

We reap what we sow. We are about to reap chaos, right here at home. Mark my words.
* The correct word (see "legitimate"), not the barbarous "legitimizing," from the neologism, "legitimize."