Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Perry for Vice President?

Rick Perry, purported conservative and governor of Texas, has endorsed Rudy Giuliani's bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Giuliani currently leads the GOP race, having opened a comfortable lead over Mitt Romney at Iowa Electronic Markets. (McCain's spike seems to coincide with Thompson's slide and the possibility -- as I see it -- that Thompson will withdraw from the race before long.)

Why has Perry endorsed front-runner Giuliani? Perry's term as governor runs until January 20, 2011. But why play on the Texas stage -- big as it is -- when you have a shot at national office? Perry, as a purported conservative and known Texan, would "balance" Giuliani's watery Republicanism and Noo Yawk accent. Perry's "clout" as a big-State governor and presumed appeal to Southern and Southwestern conservatives might just garner him the number-two spot on a Giuliani ticket.

P.S. As a Giuliani-Clinton race has become increasingly likely, bettors at Iowa Electronic Markets have begun to see a closer race in November '08. The odds still favor the Democrat nominee, but the gap is narrow in the vote-share market, where the current betting is 0.516 Democrat to 0.489 Republican.