Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Washington Post's Idea of Balance

From a WashPost story about 527s:
...Named after a section of the tax code, the 527 groups are doing much of the advertising and field work traditionally left to party organizations....

Until recently, virtually all the money going to 527s went to Democratic groups. But in the last few months, Republicans have balanced the equation, collecting $1 out of every $3 raised....
So, Republican-oriented groups are collecting one-third of the money going to 527s and that's balanced? I guess that's as much balance as the Post can stand.

Of course, whoever's money it is doesn't matter to me. The real issue is freedom of speech, and 527s are a convenient way of ensuring that it's not completely quashed when it comes to elections. But the incumbents in Washington will keep trying to find a way to quash it completely. "Money in politics" scares them because it can be used against them.