Monday, October 25, 2004

If Only Bush Weren't Bush...

...he'd win in a landslide. That's what Jeff Jarvis seems to be saying. Yes, and if pigs had wings...

Twisted Spinster nails Jarvis:
I once remarked that reading Jeff Jarvis’s blog is like staring at a train wreck full of naked old people: appalling, but you just keep peeking between your fingers. Well. That latest post is a particularly pathetic example of the premature senility affecting the “political consciousness” of a certain age group.
Yes, reading Jarvis is like reading a high-school civics text circa 1955. Jarvis's blog is a variation on this theme: Government holds the solution to all our problems. Our duty as citizens is to educate ourselves on the issues so that we can elect the "right" bunch of commissars to tell us how to run our lives.

I had just today removed Jarvis's blog from my roll. I feel vindicated in doing so by Twisted Spinster's take on Jarvis.

(Thanks to Random Jottings for the tip.)