Monday, October 11, 2004

Andrew Sullivan, Nailed

About a month ago I had my say about Andrew Sullivan and his gay-marriage litmus test for politicians, which led him to switch his allegiance from Bush to Kerry. Here's a sample:
...Like many other bloggers, I long sensed that Sullivan eventually would change his colors because he has been monomaniacal about the recognition of homosexual marriage. He kept harping on it in post after post, day after day, week after week. It got so boring that I took Sullivan's blog off my blogroll and quit reading it....

He seems to have put his sexual orientation above all else. He's really a one-issue voter. Sure, he has rationalized his change of mind, but his change of mind can be traced, I think, to his preoccupation with gay marriage as a political litmus test....
Today John Weidner at Random Jottings nails Sullivan to the floor:
...Poor Sullivan's in knots again. I wish he would just say he supports Kerry because of gay marriage. But no, he has to cover up by trying to actually make a case for Kerry, and against Bush. (He was for him before he was against him.)

If Osama bin Laden was in favor of gay marriage, Sullivan would face an difficult choice: Whether to go the whole enchilada and wear a black-turban, or to fudge a bit with a white one.
Hyperbolic, yes. But Weidner makes my point far more dramatically than I was able to make it.