Friday, October 22, 2004

Fear Strikes Austin's Lefty Blogger

Holden at First Draft writes:
An anonymous commenter tipped me to a rumor that my hometown paper, the Austin American-Statesman, is planning to endorse Bush this weekend.

Frankly, I'm shocked. The Statesman's editorial page has been quite critical of Bush lately, and they've been endorsing several democrats in local races such as Mark Strama and Kelly White for state representatives over DeLay-whores Jack Stick and Todd Baxter. But this is no time to take anything for granted.

Make your views known. Anon suggests contacting publisher Mike Laosa: or calling the paper at (512) 445-3500.

You might also try editorial page editor Arnold Garcia (512)445-3667 or sending an e-mail to

Act now, espicially those of you in the Austin area.
Gee whiz! Can lefties be so deluded as to think that a newspaper's endorsement makes a dime's worth of difference to voters? Bush will take the electoral votes of Texas regardless of anything the Statesman or any other Texas newspaper has to say about the election.

My advice to First Draft fans: Don't waste your time by calling or writing the Statesman. In fact, don't waste your time by going to the polls on Nov. 2.