Saturday, October 30, 2004

Left-Wing Logic at Work

Lambert at corrente opines:
If OBL says 9/11 and Iraq have nothing to do with each other, and Kerry says 9/11 and Iraq have nothing to do with each other... That makes OBL and Kerry moral equivalents, right?
No, it simply shows that Lambert is stupid if not duplicitous. Osama admitted responsibility for 9/11 (no news there), but he didn't say that it happened without help from others.

Nor does the case for regime change in Iraq hinge on Iraq's degree of involvement in 9/11. The invasion of Iraq was -- and is -- a means of removing an avowed enemy of the U.S. and gaining a base in the Middle East. If Bush wins re-election, watch the dominos fall in Syria and Iran -- both of which are assuredly sponsors of terrorism.

It's obvious that Osama favors a Kerry victory. Why else would he go to such lengths to try to discredit Bush and remind American voters that the "choice" is ours?

Does that equate Osama and the American left? It would by the left's vilely strident, anti-war, anti-Bush rhetoric. But I won't stoop to the left's level of illogic. I'll say only that some on the left sympathize with Osama's ends and means because they're essentially acting out a form of adolescent rebellion.