Thursday, November 01, 2007

"The War": An Initial Reaction

I taped Ken Burns's The War for later viewing. Later is now; I watched the first episode last night.

My initial reaction: War is not glorified (nor should it be), but Burns makes a strong case that war can be necessary -- contrary to the anti-war mantra that substitutes for thought on the Left.

The War
illustrates that, however necessary a war, victory may be attainable only at a very high price. (That illustration is especially valuable for the generations whose only war was the seemingly quick-and-easy Gulf War of 1990-91.) The War also makes the case, graphically, that there can be no alternative but to pay that very high price when one is faced with brutal, fanatical enemies.

The series could not have been aired at a better time. Perhaps it has (in a small way) contributed to Americans' somewhat more optimistic views about the war on terror and the war in Iraq. The main reason for optimism, of course, is the impression that the anti-insurgency campaign is succeeding.

More later.