Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Slate-lanche

From today's blogs The latest chatter in cyberspace at Slate:

Are 1,300 scientists crying wolf?: A report, released today and backed by more than 1300 scientists from 95 countries, suggests that "the human race is living beyond its means" and that two-thirds of the world's resources have been "used up." The comprehensive survey "concludes that human activities threaten the Earth's ability to sustain future generations."

Most bloggers aren't buying it. At Liberty Corner, [a] libertarian retiree...pooh-poohs the warnings, linking to another story full of dire, and ultimately inaccurate, estimates.
Thanks to Slate's David Wallace-Wells for the mention, which has yielded 13 hits in just over an hour.

FINAL (?) TALLY: The link from Slate yielded 77 hits (as of 5:38 p.m. CT, 04/02/05).