Thursday, March 31, 2005

Apropos Bankruptcy Reform

As I was saying about bankruptcy reform...'s the dialogue from Zits (the comic strip) of March 10:
Jeremy: You expect me to pay a $400 cell phone bill?

Dad: Who incurred the charges?

Jeremy: Me.

Dad: Who promised to be responsible for any overages?

Jeremy: Me.

Dad: Who assured me that this would never happen?

Jeremy: Me.

Dad: So then who should pay the bill?

Jeremy: I'm not sure I follow your logic.
Then on March 12:
Friend: A $400 cell phone bill?? Dude!

Jeremy: How was I supposed to know that text messages cost 10 cents each?

Jeremy: Okay, I knew that.

Jeremy: But how was I supposed to know that they charge for sending and receiving?

Jeremy: Okay, I guess I knew that, too.

Friend: I was going to say life is unfair. But I guess it really isn't.

Jeremy: I hate it when rules apply to me.
Thus spake the opponents of reform.