Thursday, September 30, 2004

Speaking of the New Washington Baseball Team... I have been in recent posts, "Best of the Web Today" at notes the latest D.C. mania -- naming the new team:
...WTOP radio is inviting listeners to suggest a new name for the Washington team. Among the "most popular" suggestions are Senators, Nationals and Monuments; the "most interesting" include Gridlocks, Filibusters and Ex-Expos.

We got to thinking: There's been a trend recently toward the use of abstract singular nouns as team names: Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, Colorado Avalanche. This has mostly been a basketball and hockey phenomenon, though baseball does have the Tampa Bay Devilry. Why not click through to this link and cast your vote for calling the team the Washington Kerfuffle?
Not me. I'll vote for the Washington Spend-and-Tax, and nothing less.