Monday, September 20, 2004

I Wish It Were Thus

An article ("How religion divides the Democrats") at The Boston Globe site,, includes this statement:
Libertarians and social conservatives are locked in a do-or-die battle for the soul of the Republican Party.
Sadly untrue. Most libertarians, being too pure of mind for the likes of Republicans, have gone off into their own never-never land, crying "peace at any price" and having no influence whatever on anything.

Instead of trying to shape Republicanism from within -- which is my long-standing advice to the Libertarian Party -- the party goes off on its own and nominates kooks like Michael Badnarik. The Libertarian Party would make a lot more progress toward its goals if it were to align itself with the Republican Party. It wouldn't get them a half-loaf of bread -- more like a slice. But a slice of bread is still better than no bread at all.

Hard-core, card-carrying, upper-case Libertarians won't do that. Well, it's their money, let 'em waste it. That's my neolibertarianism speaking.