Friday, September 17, 2004


I hadn't seen the term before. QandO is about to relaunch, in a new, expanded incarnation. The term comes up in QandO's prospectus for its new venture:
A few notes on what we're hoping to do:

* Neolibertarianism: we'd like to use this portal as a chance to explore the concept of Neolibertarianism further. To create a bit of an identity for the philosophy, and a website/blog for Neolibertarian thought. Ideally -- and down the road, of course -- we'd like to be an intellectual alternative and counterpoint to Paleolibertarian sites like and

* Blog: obviously, the blog will, essentially, be the same great writing (Dale), keen analysis (McQ) and assorted other nonsense. (hi!)

* Discussion forums: for those of you who would like to continue your own conversations, invite friends to discussion groups, etc. (I'd also like to create a chat room, but that may involve a bit more than we can do currently)

* Our articles: from time to time, we'll post larger column-length articles, or turn a blog post into something more column-friendly.

* Contributors: at some point, we plan to solicit and/or accept column contributions from readers and interested writers. We'd like to build a real library of Neolibertarian thought, comparable to what the National Review does for Conservatism.

Does that sound like too much? Perhaps. But it's become very apparent that blogs have a very important contribution to make to the national discourse, and I want QandO to be an important part of that for our fellow Neolibertarians.
Now I know what I am -- a neolibertarian. I guess that's a libertarian who thinks that self-defense doesn't stop at the water's edge. Or, don't wait until you see the whites of their eyes.