Saturday, September 02, 2006

Remembrance of Teachers Past

With the aid of the Social Security Death Index (searched via this tool), I "found" several teachers and school adminstrators from my K-12 days who have passed on. At the end of this post I draw meaning from this trivial exercise. First, the list of "found" educators:

First grade:
Margaret S. Lester, 02/24/1921 - 04/03/1989

Third grade:
Ethel Parsons, 05/27/1895 - 05/xx/1974

Fourth grade:
Lila Nurenberg, 02/07/1905 - 07/xx/1972

Sixth grade:
Esther L. Minnie, 08/05/1909 - 03/xx/1980

Seventh grade (homeroom):
Maurice B. Greene, 10/22/1910 - 06/22/1995

Junior high principal:
Stanley R. Hardman, 09/13/1901 - 03/05/1992

Junior high math:
William L. Laidlaw, 11/12/1904 - 03/xx/1972

Senior high principal:
Omer P. Bartow, 09/15/1902 - 08/22/1992

Senior high math:
Frank B. Yon, 01/04/1920 - 08/11/2001

Senior high Latin:
Thelma Sharritt, 04/07/1900 - 01/xx/1982

Senior high English:
Aharas Kresin, 10/06/1908 - 01/23/2001

Senior high social studies:
Dwight Lange, 08/02/1918 - 01/05/1994

Senior high guidance counselor:
Burman J. Misenar, 07/25/1915 - 08/06/1994

Superintendent of schools:
Howard Crull, 04/09/1898 - 06/xx/1968

Superintendent of schools:
Norris Hanks, 05/06/1900 - 10/xx/1981

Missing are: female teachers who were unmarried when they taught me but went on to marry and use their husbands' names, teachers with combinations of first names and last names that are common, and teachers whom I knew only by last name. Also missing, of course, are those teachers with uncommon first name-last name combinations who are still among the quick.

I am convinced that the principal of the first school I attended (a Mrs. Forbes) was born soon after (if not during) the Civil War. I exaggerate (a bit), but it is evident that my worldview was influenced strongly by many persons who came of age in the early part of the 20th century, persons who remembered vividly the Great Depression and World War II. Then there was the influence of my maternal grandmother, who came of age in the late 1800s. (See here.)

Think about the persons who were influential in your life when you were a child and adolescent. When were they born? What great events did they live through as adults? Do you, in some ways, see their attitudes reflected in yours?