Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pornography: A Definition and an Example

The proprietor of Imlac's Journal observes that

the candid news photograph of a person grieving over a tragedy is as pornographic as a blue movie. It is because the individual has become another object of lurid interest to the voyeur, stripped naked physically or emotionally.

Also pornographic, in my view, is the non-sexual movie that appeals to the "lurid interest" of the rabid partisan. A good example of such a movie is what James Pinkerton calls "that new Bush snuff movie," Death of a President. Pinkerton continues:

Some might say that "snuff movie" is too strong a term -- but how else to describe a movie that clearly revels in the prospect of George W. Bush's being assassinated?

How else, indeed, except to say that it is pornographic?