Monday, May 22, 2006

Actionable Harm and the Role of The State

Selected bibliography of relevant posts (with links to other relevant posts therein):
The Erosion of the Constitutional Contract (03/23/04)
Why Outsourcing Is Good: A Simple Lesson . . . (03/31/04)
Fear of the Free Market: Part I, Part II, and Part III (04/08/04, 04/11/04, and 04/16/04)
Trade Deficit Hysteria (05/14/04)
Getting It Wrong: Civil Libertarians and the War on Terror (A Case Study) (05/18/04)
Social Injustice (05/23/04)
The Cost of Affirmative Action (06/01/04)
Who Decides Who's Deserving? (08/13/04)
Refuting Rousseau and His Progeny (08/14/04)
The Rationality Fallacy (08/16/04)
The Main Causes of Prosperity (08/21/04)
It Can Happen Here: Eugenics, Abortion, Euthanasia, and Mental Screening (09/11/04)
Why Class Warfare Is Bad for Everyone (09/21/04)
Is There Such a Thing as Legal Discrimination? (09/23/04)
More on the Legality of Discrimination (09/24/04)
Race and Acceptance (09/27/04)
Does Capital Punishment Deter Homicide? (10/04/04)
Libertarian Twaddle about the Death Penalty (10/13/04)
Debunking More Myths of Income Inequality (10/13/04)
Free-Market Healthcare (10/15/04)
Social Security Is Unconstitutional (10/31/04)
Social Security -- Myth and Reality (11/20/04)
Peter Singer's Fallacy (11/26/04)
A Crime Is a Crime (11/26/04)
The Origin and Essence of Rights (01/01/05)
Notes on the State of Liberty in American Law (01/01/05)
Liberty and Its Prerequisites (01/01/05)
The Economic Consequences of Liberty (01/01/05)
The Destruction of Income and Wealth by the State (01/01/05)
The Broken Promise of Liberty (01/01/05)
Redeeming the Promise of Liberty (01/01/05)
Affirmative Action: Two Views from the Academy (01/19/05)
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Yet Another Look at Democracy (03/30/05)
A Mathematician's Insight (04/03/05)
Libertarianism, Marriage, and the True Meaning of Family Values (04/06/05)
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Illusory Progress (05/15/05)
A Contrarian View of Segregation (05/18/05)
I Dare Call It Treason (05/31/05)
Raich and the Rule of Law (06/07/05)
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An Agenda for the Supreme Court (06/29/05)
The Old Eugenics in a New Guise (07/14/05)
Saving the Innocent? (07/23/05)
But Wouldn't Warlords Take Over? (07/24/05)
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After the Bell Curve (08/27/05)
A Footnote . . . (08/30/05)
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A Modest Proposal for Disaster Preparedness (09/07/05)
The Supreme Court: Our Last, Best Hope for a Semblance of Liberty (09/22/05)
Liberals and the Rule of Law (09/26/05)
The Legality of Teaching Intelligent Design (09/26/05) and Part II (09/28/05)
Thoughts That Liberals Should Be Thinking (09/27/05) and More Thoughts . . . (10/09/05)
Consider the Children (10/07/05)
Liberty or Self-Indulgence? (10/10/05)
Same-Sex Marriage (10/20/05)
A Useful Precedent (10/22/05)
Consider the Children (10/27/05)
"Equal Protection" and Homosexual Marriage (10/30/05)
Law, Liberty, and Abortion (10/31/05)
Equal Time: The Sequel (11/05/05) and addendum
Understanding Outsourcing (11/07/05)
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Joe Stiglitz Ig-Nobelist (11/11/05)
Abortion and the Slippery Slope (11/20/05)
Taxes, Charitable Giving, and Republicanism (11/24/05)
Libertarianism and Preemptive War: Part II (11/27/05)
Liberty of Contract, Substantive Due Process, and States' Police Power (11/28/05)
Privacy, Autonomy, and Responsibility (11/29/05)
A Simple Fallacy (12/01/05)
Ten Commandments of Economics (12/02/05)
Torture and Morality (12/04/05)
More Commandments of Economics (12/06/05)
Peter Singer's Agenda (12/15/05)
The Media's Measurable Bias (12/19/05)
Anarchy: An Empty Concept (12/20/05)
Productivity Growth and Tax Cuts (12/29/05)
Capitalism, Liberty, and Christianity (01/01/06)
More Punishment Means Less Crime (01/03/06)
More about Crime and Punishment (01/06/06)
A Dissonant Vision (01/09/06)
Privacy: Variations on the Theme of Liberty (01/11/06)
Debunking "Scientific Objectivity" (01/16/06)
More about Crime and Punishment: A Footnote (01/17/06)
The Fatal Naïveté of Anarcho-Libertarianism (01/28/06)
Recommended Reading about NSA's Surveillance Program (02/05/06)
Liberty, General Welfare, and the State (02/06/06)
Legalism vs. Liberty (02/07/06)
Time on the Cross, Re-Revisited (02/09/06)
Riots, Culture, and the Final Showdown (02/15/06)
Government's Role in Social Decline (02/16/06)
A Rant about Torture (02/16/06)
More Final(?) Words about Preemption and the Constitution (02/17/06)
Anarcho-Authoritarianism (02/18/06)
Apropos Academic Freedom and Western Values (02/23/06)
Monopoly and the General Welfare (02/25/06)
Sunstein and Executive Power (02/26/06)
Anti-Western Values in the West (02/28/06)
On Income Inequality (03/09/06)
The Adolescent Rebellion Syndrome (03/10/06)
Calling a Nazi a Nazi (03/12/06)
Trade, Government Spending, and Economic Growth (03/17/06)
The Meaning of Liberty (03/25/06)
Thomas Woods and War (03/31/06)
An Immigration Roundup (04/04/06, with links to later posts on the subject)
Two Heroes and a Blackguard (04/06/06)
The Causes of Economic Growth (04/08/06)
Charles Murray's Grand Plan (04/10/06)
Slippery Paternalists (04/13/06)
Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (04/14/06)
Courtly Doings (see the second item, on nullification by State courts, 04/20/06)
E Pluribus Unum? (04/23/06)
Moussaoui and "White Guilt" (05/03/06)
There's More to Income Than Money (05/03/06)
Science, Axioms, and Economics (05/06/06)
Nock Reconsidered (05/08/06)
The Harm Principle (05/11/06)
Footnotes to "The Harm Principle" (05/16/06)
Republicanism, Economic Freedom, and Charitable Giving (05/19/06)
The Harm Principle, Again (05/20/06)
Don't Tar My Nationalism with the Racism Brush (05/22/06)
The Indivisibility of Economic and Other Freedoms (05/23/06)
Rights and "Cosmic Justice" (05/29/06)
A Flawed Defense of Anarcho-Capitalism (06/02/06)
Mises on Liberty and the State (06/23/06)
Varieties of Libertarianism (07/01/06)
Liberty, Human Nature, and the State (07/08/06)