Thursday, March 02, 2006



It's the hurricane that won't go away. Now we are being told, in so many words, that -- with a hurricane bearing down on a New Orleans that was "protected" by levees that were built for failure (many years earlier) because of political graft and bureaucratic ineptness, and with feckless State and local government officials cluttering up the scene* -- President Bush was either supposed to divert the hurricane (perhaps through prayer) or leap from his chair, fly to NO and put his finger in the dike, so to speak. (Is it still all right to say "dike"?)

For a sensible view of the hurricane that won't quit, read this post by Capital Freedom. UPDATE: For more, read this post at Wizbang. SECOND UPDATE: See also the Popular Mechanics article "Now What? The Lessons of Katrina."

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* E.g., New Video Shows Blanco Saying Levees Safe (AP, via Yahoo! News)