Monday, March 20, 2006

A Black Bigot Speaks

If anything exemplifies Leftists' condescenscion to blacks it's this op-ed piece* in the L.A. Times by Erin Aubry Kaplan (right). The op-ed is about former White House staffer (and black Republican) Claude Allen, who recently was charged with theft. The most telling bits:
I don't support conservatism in its current iteration, and I support black conservatives even less . . . .

Here is a man who, like most black conservatives, has had to do an awful lot of personal and political rationalizing to pay dues . . . .
In so many words, Allen and other black conservatives are too "dumb" to know that conservatism is bad for them. And/or they're just power-seeking Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas who suck up to powerful whites in return for access to power and the perks of high office. Kaplan (like her compatriots on the Left) is unwilling to credit Allen and other black conservatives with having a principled attachment to conservatism.

Kaplan's own blackness doesn't excuse her profound bigotry. It merely underscores her status as a "house black" at the Left-wing L.A. Times, where she spouts the party line in the hope of keeping blacks "in line" -- that is, voting for Democrats in order to perpetuate the regulatory-welfare state that has done so much, for so long, to undermine black families and stifle the initiative of young blacks.
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