Monday, October 31, 2005

Right Again?

President Bush has nominated Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. I wrote this on October 27:
  • But Bush had to seem to want to replace O'Connor with another woman.
  • Bush therefore chose Miers, whose nomination he knew would be fiercely opposed on the right.
  • Given Miers's position as White House counsel, her name could be withdrawn as a matter of principle (defense of the separation of powers).
  • Bush's withdrawal of the Miers nomination would not only please the right but also not be seen as a bow to the left.
The nominee isn't McConnell, but he's just as good as far as I can tell. The choice of Alito certainly isn't a bow to the left. As Max Goss says at Right Reason, " NPR has been throwing around terms like 'wacko' and 'radical' all morning. Must be a good guy." Hear, hear!