Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Global Warming and the Liberal Agenda

So Mars is getting warmer, without human activity. It's more evidence that the apparent warming of Earth's climate is due mainly to phenomena over which humans have no control.

The rush by many scientists and all hair-shirted liberals, anti-capitalists, and inveterate doomsayers to blame global warming on human activity arises from a predisposition to think of economic motives as "greedy" and "evil." But it is the "greedy" and "evil" pursuit of profit and self-interest that lifts individuals out of poverty, leads to cures for disease, and generally makes life more livable.

In sum, the pursuit of profit and self-interest advances liberals' proclaimed agenda. But liberals have been blinded to that fact by their own guilt, ignorance, and anti-capiltalist rhetoric. That many liberals are also hypocritical beneficiaries of the system they claim to despise should not go unmentioned, either.

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