Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Case of the (Happily) Missing Supreme Court Nominee(s)

A timely post by "Rice" at Southern Appeal assesses the happiness and unhappiness of party regulars with the Supreme Court picks of presidents since JFK's day. Rice's analysis reminds me of the happy fact that one James Earl (call me "Jimmy") Carter had no picks. Given the ability of Democrats to pick stalwart Leftists -- and the inability or unwillingness of Republicans to oppose them -- imagine the Court's current configuration had Carter been able to place one or more of his ilk on the Big Nine.

Rice's post also convinces me that Senate Republicans should demand the withdrawal of Harriet Miers's name in favor of a judge with a track record of "strict constructionism." Given the strong possibility that a Democrat will win the 2008 election, Bush shouldn't squander a single opportunity to point the Supreme Court in the right direction.