Sunday, July 18, 2004

What Goes Around Comes Around, No. 2

Instapundit says this about the Kerry candidacy:
A WHILE BACK, I wrote that if Kerry is elected he'll probably wind up like Jimmy Carter: The "anybody but Bush" constituency will evaporate as soon as he's sworn in, leaving him weak and subject to attacks from within his own party. For the barest glimpse of what a Kerry presidency might look like, read this Maureen Dowd column. And note this comment on Kerry from Garry Trudeau: "Like most Americans, I've been forced to unambiguously take sides, and I'm not particularly happy about it."

Not exactly a strong base of support, but it's what happens when you nominate a weak candidate, and unify your party around hatred for the incumbent.
And, in "What Goes Around Comes Around", I wrote about the similarities between Clinton-haters and Bush-bashers. Although I prefer Bush to Kerry, I think that Republicans in 2000 nominated a weak candidate, and unified around hatred for the incumbent's perceived surrogate.

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