Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A Roundup of Losers


Worst head of government (next to Jacques Chirac): President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines

Worst post-Clintonian coverup: Kleptomaniac Sandy Berger

Worst coverage of post-Clintonian coverup: New York Times

Loudest whiners: Moveon.org and Common Cause

Most self-indulgent yuppie couple: Amy and Peter, baby-killers

Always a loser: Yasser Arafat

Always losers: California's (girlie men) Democrats

Latest blow to the pseudo-science of climatology: The real cause of global warming

Worst "professional" economist: Paul Krugman

Least principled columnist (a lot of competition for this one): Paul Krugman (this is a minute sample)

Worst liar (also hotly contested): Joe Wilson

Worst musical performance: Linda Ronstadt