Monday, March 01, 2004

Political Parlance

Archaic document viewed by politicians on the left as an impediment to progress by judicial fiat.

Legislative term for handout.

Fiscal responsibility
Shibboleth of big-government liberals, whose version of a balanced budget requires higher taxes to pay for "social programs." Formerly a New Deal ploy characterized as "tax and spend, spend and elect."

Something we could use less of on Washington's streets and more of in the Capitol building.

Someone who wants the best of everything for everyone, at the expense of those who have achieved more than mediocrity.

People's business, The
Something which, it seems, cannot be conducted without imposing more taxes and regulations upon the people.

Foreign political movement founded on the principle of "to each according to his needs, from each according to his ability." Thought to be defunct but thriving in the United States, thanks to "progressive" taxation, "protective" regulation, and myriad "social programs" at all levels of government.

Social Security
Welfare program disguised as pension plan. Robs otherwise hard-working individuals of the incentive and ability to invest wisely toward retirement.

Unfinished business
Whatever it is that Congress hasn't done lately to impede the economy and trammel liberty.