Friday, March 26, 2004

Left-Wingers Dominate the Blogosphere

A significant sample of bloggers (411 to date) has taken the "Political Compass Test" and posted the results here. Despite complaints voiced there about the ambiguity of the test questions, the results are probably a good approximation of the political views of the test-takers (my result seemed right to me).

The chart near the top of the page tells the tale. Most bloggers who posted their results are in the lower left quadrant: strong on personal liberty and strong on government intervention in the economy. The authors of the test characterize that quadrant as "libertarian left" -- the ultimate oxymoron. But down the page they more accurately label adherence to the economic left as "Communism (Collectivism)".

Thus, it seems that the blogosphere is dominated by the self-indulgent and irresponsible (social "libertarian" collectivists). Just like the real world.