Monday, March 29, 2004

I Hate to Say It...

...but some families of 9/11 victims are sounding like typical liberal whiners. Why didn't the government prevent the attack? Who's to blame?

Well, the government that can't prevent you from dying of old age is the same government that can't protect you from every possible peril in the universe. When did government become our omniscient, omnipresent guardian angel?

But the whiners don't get it. They can't accept the hard fact that stuff happens. In this case, a brutally horrific act that was years in the planning by evil men who took advantage of the broad freedom of movement and action the U.S. grants to those within its borders, even non-citizens.

Who to blame? The answer is obvious, but the whiners can't -- or won't -- grasp it. The blame lies with al Qaeda, its allies, and its supporters.