Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Campaign Rhetoric

The two sides (if not more) of John Kerry:

1. The war on terror
a. Kerry will proclaim the war on terror a phony war if there is no significant terrorist attack against the U.S., its overseas interests, or its forces in the Middle East.
b. Kerry will proclaim Bush's war on terror a failure if there is a significant terrorist attack.

2. The recession
a. Kerry will continue to blame Bush II for the recession, which began under Clinton.
b. Kerry will seek to identify himself with the so-called Clinton boom of the 1990s, which began under Bush I (or Reagan, if you prefer).

3. Consistency
a. Kerry will oppose Bush on every issue, even if it means that Kerry must contradict his earlier positions on many of the issues.
b. Kerry will fault Bush for having done what he said he would do about Iraq.

And so it will go.