Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Changing Perceptions on Population: Chevron ad

Guest post:

Is Chevron Corporation another example of changing perceptions about "overpopulation." According to its recent print ad, appearing in many and news magazines:
With our planet’s population continuing to increase, and the quality of life for millions in the developing world improving daily, our demand for energy is also growing. And to meet everyone’s needs 25 years from now may take 50% more energy than we use today.

Finding and developing all the fuel and power we need for our homes, businesses and vehicles, while protecting the environment, could be one of the greatest challenges our generation will face. The key to ensuring success is found in the same place that created this need: humanity itself. When the unique spirit we all possess is allowed to flourish, mankind has proven its ability to take on, and overcome, any issue. It’s a spirit of hard work, ingenuity, drive, courage and no small measure of commitment. To success, to each other, to the planet. The problem...becomes the solution.
This is very much in line with the analysis of Donald Boudreaux (Cafe Hayek) about unduly panicky UN population growth predictions, as cited in an earlier post. The new perception of many people, including Chevron, is that a growing population -- with the right political and economic resources -- can more than support itself.