Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Election 2008: Bad News, Good News

The bad news about Super Tuesday II is the Clinton resurgence.

The good news is a veritable dead heat between Clinton and Obama, which probably guarantees a mud-fest between now and the Pennsylvania primary on April 22.

The bad news is the amount of air time that will be devoted to Clinton and Obama.

The good news is that either Clinton's or Obama's "base" will be ticked off by what is said about their favorite candidate, and by the outcome of the Pennsylvania primary. The other good news: possible Obama-Clinton fatigue among all but die-hard Democrats.

The bad news is that Clinton and Obama might then quickly cut a deal, that is, Clinton for president, Obama for vice president.

The good news is that Obama's "black base" will be ticked off by being pushed to the back of the bus by an uppity white woman.

The bad news is that John McCain will be almost invisible to swing voters until the GOP convention (September 1-4).

The good news is John McCain may seem like a fresh face to a lot of swing voters by the time he becomes the GOP's official nominee.