Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stay at Home in November?

It has been suggested that conservative voters should stay home in November if John McCain is the Republican nominee.

It's true that McCain is not a conservative. He is, rather, an idiosyncratic statist who holds conservative and "liberal" views, as his fancy strikes him.

However...inasmuch as McCain would face either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama -- both of whom are abysmally "liberal" -- abstention would be akin to self-flagellation. It's hard to see how McCain, abetted by a Democrat-controlled Congress, could do worse than Clinton or Obama, abetted by the same Congress. I know of no issue on which I prefer Clinton or Obama to McCain. McCain, at least, would not surrender to terrorists, would strive to maintain strong defenses, and would make better (if not ideal) judicial appointments.

It's easy to say, as some do, that losing would be good for the GOP, because losing might cause the GOP to rethink its course and return to its limited-government philosophy. On the other hand, in its zeal to recapture the White House and Congress, the GOP might just become more "Democrat light" than it already is.

In any event, if McCain heads the Republican ticket, the choice for conservatives will be between a "bad" GOP nominee and a "terrible" Democrat nominee. "Bad" being better than "terrible," I would hold my nose and vote for McCain.

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On the other hand: This is about as wrong-headed as it gets, not only with respect to withholding a vote from McCain but also with respect to the nature of an Obama presidency. Obama in the White House and Democrats in control of Congress: a prescription for economic ruin and defenselessness.