Monday, September 10, 2007

Reasons Not to Read...

...Tyler Cowen and Megan McArdle any more. Not a word in either post about the most likely scenario: "Global warming" (i.e., the warm episode of the past 30-some years) is not caused by human activity.

If two of the (supposedly) brighter lights of blogdom can't even acknowledge that possibility, why should I bother reading their stuff? On the other hand (as economists are wont to say), one or the other of them occasionally offers up a gem or a link to a gem.

P.S. Thomas Sowell (on the other, other hand) never disappoints. Par example.

UPDATE (09/13/07): McArdle admits that she voted Democrat in 2006, and says that she'll vote either for Obama or an independent in 2008. Proof that I can no longer take her seriously. How can she mouth (mostly) free-market economics and then vote for those who would complete the destruction of free markets in this country? Perhaps she is voting with her hormones instead of her brain. Anyway, she's outta here, that is, off the blogroll and off the list of blogs that I follow via Bloglines.