Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ms. Pelosi's Inadvertent Wisdom

Nancy Pelosi, leader of the minority party of the U.S. House of Representatives, opines:

Congress is Recessing While the Urgent Needs of Americans Remain Unmet

Until There Is an Increase in Minimum Wage, We Will Not Support Raise in Congressional Salaries

We Must Pass Comprehensive Legislation That Will Protect Our Veterans and Their Private Information

The good news is that while Congress is in recess it cannot pass laws that make it harder for Americans to meet their urgent needs through hard work, innovation, and entrepreneurship -- all of which Congress discourages through taxation and regulation. (Note to Congress: Take a longer vacation. I'll call you when I need you.)

The other good news is that Congress may not increase the minimum wage -- in which case I expect Ms. Pelosi to be a woman of her word about congressional salaries. (Note to Congress: If you're going to take longer vacations, why should I give you a raise?)

The even better news is that Ms. Pelosi cares about persons who have served in the armed forces. (Or is it that she's just a cynical, vote-pandering, Bush-bashing pol? You decide.) The fact that there already are laws against theft and fraud would never stop a Congress-critter from seeking to pass a new law.

Finally, there's this, from Kim Priestap at Wizbang!:

Nancy Pelosi is thrilled that terrorists' rights are protected

Oops, that's not wisdom, is it? Well, neither was the rest of it.