Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Making an Exception

Maverick Philosopher notes this this post of mine about Brian Leiter:
. . . I agree with [the author of Liberty Corner] that Leiter's 'easy' questions are not at all easy. But I am puzzled by what [he] says about the 'hard' questions:

Leiter's "hard" questions are nothing more than the kind of intellectual pornography that stimulates professional academics and pseudo-intellectuals to engage in endless, meaningless bouts of mutual, mental masturbation.

What say you, MP commenters? Am I an intellectual pornographer? A pseudo-intellectual? Our debates are some of them endless, but are they meaningless? Social, political and economic debates are also endless; are they meaningless for that reason? Is it all just a circle-jerk of the mind?

Brian Leiter once called me a "noxious mediocrity." Better that than an intellectual pornographer.
A perusal of Maverick's blog reveals that he is anything but an intellectual pornographer or pseudo-intellectual. I withdraw my general condemnation of philosophical inquiry, except as it applies to noxious weasels of Leiter's ilk.