Sunday, April 24, 2005

Today's Quiz

1. Choose your preferred GDP per capita (in year 2000 dollars):
a. $36,000

b. $63,000
2. Choose between:
a. government that provides "free" services (most of which you don't use), guarantees you a minimum income and a certain level of medical care when you retire, and tries to remove risk from your life

b. government that protects you from foreign enemies and domestic predators but otherwise leaves you alone to make the best of your life, which includes earning more money, enjoying a more comfortable retirement, and living at less risk (e.g., enjoying better health because health care and drugs are more readily available and affordable; enjoying less crime because there wouldn't be government programs to keep people mired in poverty)
3. Choose between:
a. the level of taxation and regulation now extant in the United States

b. the level of taxation and regulation extant in the United States until about 100 years ago
If you choose "b" in question 1, you must also choose "b" in questions 2 and 3.