Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Renewed Respect?

In response to a post in which I was critical of Christopher Hitchens and Timothy Sandefur's reactions to the death of Pope John Paul II, Sandefur wrote (in part):
I quite respect the Vatican for refusing to budge in the face of so much opposition from Catholics and others: it shows a level of integrity that few institutions today possess.
The elevation of "hard liner" Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to the papacy must renew Sandefur's respect for the Vatican, if not for religion and Catholicism, about which he said,
I think religion is wrong, and a massive force for evil in the world, and I think Catholicism perverts the doctrines of Christ and is deeply un-Christian.
That aside, he "entirely" believes
in the right of all Catholics to profess and practice their faith, and I have nothing at all against Catholics personally--—quite the opposite, I usually get along with Catholics better than with Protestants.
It must be their uncompromising views that he finds so attractive. (Just kidding, Timothy. Another post is unnecessary, though you may be hearing more from "Feddie" at Southern Appeal.)