Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today's Best Reading

Mutiny on the Potomac:

The generals are revolting, by Herbert E. Meyer, at The American Thinker
The Shineski troop strength myth and the generals' revolt, by Douglas Hanson, at The American Thinker
Understanding General Zinni, by Kim Priestap, at Wizbang!
The Marine sends (and the subject is GEN Zinni), Austin Bay Blog

When scientists were patriots:

Science for Better Government, book review by Peter Pettus, at The New York Sun

Reversing the tide of radical feminism:

The 'new woman' is a housewife, by Sarah Baxter and Tom Baird, at Times Online

We're in a war, dammit!

Facing Down Iran, by Mark Steyn, at OpinionJournal
Goodbye to the Way We Were, by Gerard Vanderleun, at American Digest

Lefties on parade:

Professor Sally Jacobsen Apologizes, by Kim Priestap, at Wizbang!
Ohio's Marketplace of Ideas, by Scott Norvell, at Tongue Tied