Saturday, December 03, 2005

All's Fair in Love and Cycling

Tom Smith of The Right Coast -- a bicyclist himself -- suggests the following antidote for drivers who like to "swoosh" close to cyclists:
If every one in 10 cyclists or so was packing, maybe another little part of the brain-like organ in the driver would think, "Uhnn. He has a gun. Mebbee I shouldn't sceer him."
I'll go along with that, if Smith will go concede the right of motorists to shoot those cyclists who (a) cross intersections against the light, (b) insist on traveling in the traffic lane when there's a clear shoulder or parking lane available, and (c) insist on riding two (or more) abreast in a bicycle lane, thus intruding on the traffic lane.

While I'm on the subject: Walkers on hike-bike trails (usually clearly marked to indicate that pedestrians take precedence) should be able to shoot cyclists who insist on making known their disdain for walkers by veering close to them in passing.

Let he who is without blame fire the first bullet.